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TEKA™, Inc., Information Architects™, is a systems and networking consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations move from isolated computers to organic whole connected information systems.

TEKA is interested in building strong client loyalty through recommending the best solutions to fit the problem, not just what is in stock or on the sales floor. We follow a pure consulting model, and do not represent products directly for sale.

TEKA professionals have decades of technology experience, have been published internationally, and are well known in the industry.

Software and hardware manufacturers often consult with TEKA™ professionals to gain valuable feedback and direction on product design.

TEKA is NOT a computer store or outlet. We are not interested in selling you anything you don't need. Our consultants are "Technology Architects" under the supervision of a Certified Computing Professional (CCP) and strive to maintain the highest ethical, professional, & quality standards.

Finally, We are not affiliated with TEKA Industrial of Spain, which makes household appliances. Please don't email or call us asking for refrigerators, stoves, or sinks. ;-)

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